Thursday, April 10, 2008

a random list

I like lists. I list everything. I am great at list making. My problem- I don't follow my lists very well- but I am good at making them.
Here is a random list about me- in no order except this is how I thought of them:

1. my favorite color is pink
2. I HATE popcorn
3. I don't like ice cream (I don't hate it- but I don't want it)
4. my favorite drink is coffee
5. my Disney character- Tigger
6. I like ALL kinds of music- my ipod is very diverse
7. I love to sing
8. I cry... when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I laugh, when I'm mad
9. being a teenager in the 80s- I loved the 'hair bands'
10. I still love Bon Jovi- oh yes I do!!
11. I am not an animal lover (sorry) they look nice and all-
but I don't really want any.
12. I love stilleto heels. I wear them almost everyday.
13. I can't see without my glasses- but you will never see me wear them
unless I am at work.
14. I love to read. My favorite author is John Sandford.
I have read everything he has written
15. I read 28 novels from August 06 to August 07. Then I got convicted because
I didn't read my bible at all during that time
16. I have- for the last 21 days- read 4 chapters in my bible EVERY day. I feel so
good about it right now. I am loving it. No more detective novels for another
month or so- and right now- I'm ok with that.

Ok- that's me for now. Maybe more later.

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