Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A positive post

Inspired by Brody I am joining the Positive Posting Tuesday.
My friend Leticia is an amazing woman of God. She has been through the ringer- and yet she has the best attitude of anyone I know. Leticia was diagnosed with Wegners disease at 16; at 20 was told she and her husband would never have a baby and if she did have one, it would be severely deformed; BUT- she delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy in 2003 at age 25. Six months after Josiah was born, she had a massive heart attack- at 25 years old. From 2004 through last month- she had been in remission from Wegners and doing great. Just a few weeks ago- we found out she has lapsed. It was a rough day. She was angry and hurt. For one day. The next day- a Friday. She came to see me at the office- and she was great- I was still a mess. I was like- "how can you be so great right now?" Leticia said- "Girl- I gave it to the Lord. I had my day to stomp around and say this isn't fair..... but after that- I made it God's problem." She said- "I am his child- and so I leave it in his hands, Delicia. What will be will be and I accept that. If I only have a little time left on this earth- I'm going to spend it happy"
I'm so proud of her to have such a great attitude. And she truly does live that way- it's a party where ever she is. I am so thankful to know her.
I'm changing my attitude today. It hasn't been a great day- but nothing that has happened is life shattering or life altering- only annoying. Thank God I am healthy. Thank you Lord- my family is healthy. I'm happy to have the friends I do- so today is a good day.

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Annie said...

Your friend is inspiring! I hope I could have the same attitude in her situation. God is good.