Friday, March 28, 2008

A dog

My daughter Josie desperately wants a dog. She reminds me almost daily how many months, weeks and days it is until her next birthday- because that's all she wants. (we are at 1 month and 4 days now) We don't have a dog or pet of any kind because we are such a busy family- we are never home. I'm at work and they are at school, then there's extra activities with church, piano practice and cheerleading. But it really is getting to me how often she asks for a dog. I feel guilty- like I am depriving her from having a pet. (Not just me depriving her- dad is in total agreement on the dog issue) One thing that got me was- she got a DS game for christmas with a game that lets you have a pet- Nintendogs is what it's called. She plays with this pretend dog everyday. Bless her heart. I really am troubled. I think we need to get a dog.
The picture is Jordan, Josie and doggy cousin Maggie. Uncle Jake brought Maggie to Easter dinner. Josie wouldn't come in to eat because she wanted to be with Maggie. Yeah- we need a dog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I was looking through my vacation photos- and loving the snow. I know, most of you are sick of the snow by this time of year- but I am a Southern girl who has lived in hot Pensacola for my whole life- so snow is AWESOME to me. I love it! I act like an 8 year old when I am in it. Snow makes me happy :) "Only because you don't live in it" says my Pastor.
Anyway- thought I would share some pics from our February ski trip to Colorado. It was amazing.

Me and my honey at Beaver Creek- beautiful!

us again- at Vail (my favorite place!)

Arapahoe Basin

I was happy!


My BFF Leticia has been in remission from 'Wagners with Vasculitis'- and has relapsed. She found out today she will have to go back on some severe medication. She is so discouraged- she has dealt with this on and off since she was 16. We need God to do a creative miracle in her blood.
I am praying for you , my friend. We will get through this.

5th grade project.......

We worked on Josie's history project last night. We had to take items found around the house and make a poster about a historical event. She did 'The Boston Tea Party'. She did a good job!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Me and my baby brother- we grew up loving football. He has been a 49ers fan for about 22 years. When I say fan- I mean MEGA fan. He has a football room in his house- with glass cased signed jerseys from Steve Young and Joe Montana- signed and glassed helmets and footballs from these guys- and the room is painted the garnet-burgandy 49ers color. The boy loves him some 49ers. Me? I am a Green Bay Packers fan- for about 18 years now. Before, during and now, sadly, after Brett Favre. I'm not the mega fan my bro is- but I love my team- and I have a t-shirt to prove it :) So when Brett Favre retired- I received sympathy cards and all that from my loving friends- and this picture from my brother. It's like- his team- my team. I love this picture. Thanks Dan.

I live here......

My town is a great place. We have the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. I love to travel and see new places- I happen to LOVE snow- but I'm glad I live near this.......


I have a good friend who is in the process of adopting. It has been a long and drawn out process- and she has gone through every emotion. They thought they were looking for a little brother for their 3 year old- but they fell in love with a 14 year old. They were shocked that they couldn't stop looking at "Sammy"- they keep going back to his picture, they talk about Sammy all the time. They finally asked about him- no- someone else is already trying to get him. How about this child, or this child. Nothing seemed to fit. Leticia prayed- Lord, why have you put Sammy on my heart if I can't have him? Long story short- 7 months after asking about Sammy- they met him on March 21, Good Friday! I am so happy for my friend. I can't wait to meet Sammy.

The beginning........

So this starts it all. The beginning of my blog career. Ok- hobby :)

Thanks to "This Guy falls down" (Mark Lee) the first blog I ever read- which got me hooked on the 45 other blogs I now read daily.

So- let’s see what happens……..