Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Jordan is my first born. She is 13 years old- and she is beautiful. I was a psycho first time mom. I thought I had to be touching her 24 hours a day so that nothing would happen to her. I got over that eventually- but to say I was (or am- if you ask my friends) over-protective, would be an understatement.
Well- my Jordan came to me the other day very upset and crying - saying she needed to tell me something- but was afraid too. I tried to be calm and I was thinking "dear Lord Jesus- what could this be??" - Jordan told me that a friend of ours- 'Mike' (a boy who is 12 years old) had told her that he was upset when his girlfriend broke up with him- and he had cut himself. Jordan was devastated- and scared that this had happened. I held her- and told her that we really needed to pray for him. We prayed for him right then- and we talked about why someone would want to hurt themselves at such a young age. When we were done- Jordan said "Thank you mom- I feel so much better just talking to you"- that made my day- we as parents want to do the right thing for our children- and so often we do fail. Especially with our first borns- we are testing it out on them. I am so thankful for the relationship that I have with my children. I am sad that at this age- Jordan had to learn of someone who cuts themselves. I am sad for this boy and his family- who do now know of the situation. This boy is a preachers kid. We need to pray for protection for our children's minds. They are our future. They are the missionaries, preachers, doctors , presidents, musicians, wives and husbands of tomorrow.
I love you Jordan.

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