Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My Josie is a comedian.
This happened last night........

Josie: Can I make ya'll some coffee? (yes, ya'll- we live in the south)

Dad: sure- that would be great (yes- my 11 year old knows how to make our coffee- we train them girls up right!!)

in a few minutes- she comes with a mug of coffee for dad......

Josie: here you go dad!

Dad: Thanks

Josie: know the diffrence between Bagelheads, Starbucks or The Drowsy Poet and me??

Dad: what?

Josie: MY coffee is $20!!! Pay up mister!!

I love her.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan

14 years ago today- my precious Jordan was born.

When I was growing up- I wanted to be a nurse on a Navy ship (I grew up in a Navy town) - then I wanted to be the first woman Blue Angel pilot (you know from other posts that I still love the Blues) - but more than anything- I wanted to be a great mom. I have a great mom- and I wanted to be that too. So when we had our sweet Jordan- I was the happiest mommy in the world. And I prayed that God would help me be the absolute best mother that I could be.
Jordan and I have an amazing relationship. One that so many of my friends are amazed at. I thank God EVERYDAY for the relationship I have with her. I pray that God protects our relationship. Jordan is a great young lady. Thank you, Lord, for letting me be her mom.

Happy Birthday my Jordan!
We have an exciting weekend of partys ahead!
(Ya'll pray for me- my house is going to be NOISY for the next 48 hours!)

(We woke up this morning to 20 pink flamingos in the front yard and signs all over that said Happy Birthday Jordan- her cousins decorated the yard in the middle of the night! Thanks cousins- that was great)