Tuesday, June 3, 2008


for "Positive Post Tuesday" I want to tell you about one of my dad's........ yes I have two. Marty (he prefers Poppy- my girls call him that) is my step dad- he's been married to my mother for 20 years. We hated each other-I completely and totally hated- dispised- this man when he came into our lives. I was 17 years old- my parents had just divorced after 23 years of marraige- and I was on my path of distruction. He came in as a true knight in shinning armor for my mother.... and I set out to destroy it because it wasn't what I wanted. He pretty much ignored me and convinced my mother to marry him. I turned 18 one month after they got married- and 2 weeks later he kicked me out of the house. Because I was disresptful. It nearly crushed my mother. It could have destroyed our relationship- but the Lord is good- and it didn't. To make a long story short- he gave his life to the Lord, I met my soon to be husband and started living right, I moved back in one month before my wedding, Poppy and I had a heart to heart talk where we both asked for forgiveness- and we started a new relationship. 18 years later- he loves me and is so proud of my family. I love him and I am so proud of he and my mother. He is a great man- and I am glad my mom has him.
This picture is of me, my baby brother, my dad and Poppy. We make sure to always involve both of them in every part of our lives- because Poppy deserves it as much as my dad.
God is good- He is so good.

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