Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

Today I want to tell you about one of my dearest friends in the world- Susan. I have known Susan for about 20 years. Our weddings were a day apart - 18 years ago this month-. Susan became the Assistant Principal at her school this year- so we are very proud of her! Susan is one of the most positive people I know- and because of some health issues she has- she really could complain alot- but she dosen't. She has a disorder in that her kidneys produce stones continually. Some people know the pain you have when you are passing a kidney stone..... Susan passes stones everyday. EVERYDAY. The lining of her kidneys are incrusted with stones. She has had 12 surgeries to help get some of them out. The doctors can not explain why she continues to make stones. I joke with her that I wish these stones she is making were diamonds or rubys or emeralds - then she would be rich!! She has flown out to California for tests- and the doctors are studing her- because they can't understand what is going on. This past February we spent a weekend at the beach- and she had passed 48 stones the four weeks before- and she stopped counting after that. Susan is amazing- you would never know what she is going through- because she keeps a beautiful smile- and a great attitude. Thanks for being so amazing Susan. I love you! (used with her permission)

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