Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We have entered the next phase of life with a budding teenager......... Braces!!

My beautiful blonde Jordan has started the process of spacers and expanders - and in about 3 months we will get the full set of braces that she will wear for 24 months.... all for the whopping cost of $5,400.00! She was so excited about it because her BFF Kelly just got them too..... well- she was excited until they put the spacers in.... that hurt.... and then she said (not kidding- she said this) "Mom- 5000.00 is too much for this. I tell you what- just get me a cell phone and forget the braces!!!" Ummm- I don't think so kid.
So- we are off for a new adventure as "brace face".

(Kelly- with her new braces-- and my Jordan at Pensacola Beach)

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