Sunday, May 11, 2008

So sweet

We attended the wedding of my good friend Ryan yesterday. Ryan's bride, Alissa, is deaf. I have known Ryan and Alissa since they were 10 years old. (makes me feel SOOO old) Their wedding yesterday was the sweetest and most moving ceremony I have ever seen. They had three people strategically placed that were signing- one just for Alissa, one for the bridesmaids and one for the congregation. When it was time for the vows- there was no sound. At first I thought that the equipment stopped working- but then realized that Ryan was mouthing his vows just to Alissa. She was reading his lips with tears streaming down her face and I thought- at that moment we were hearing exactly what she is hearing. Complete silence. But you know- as she looked into the face of the love of her life- reading his lips as he made his vow to her- she heard his voice. In her soul and in her heart. I cried like a baby! Sobbed a few times even. It was amazing. I will never forget it.

Congratulations Ryan and Alissa.

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