Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Me and my baby brother- we grew up loving football. He has been a 49ers fan for about 22 years. When I say fan- I mean MEGA fan. He has a football room in his house- with glass cased signed jerseys from Steve Young and Joe Montana- signed and glassed helmets and footballs from these guys- and the room is painted the garnet-burgandy 49ers color. The boy loves him some 49ers. Me? I am a Green Bay Packers fan- for about 18 years now. Before, during and now, sadly, after Brett Favre. I'm not the mega fan my bro is- but I love my team- and I have a t-shirt to prove it :) So when Brett Favre retired- I received sympathy cards and all that from my loving friends- and this picture from my brother. It's like- his team- my team. I love this picture. Thanks Dan.

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