Friday, March 28, 2008

A dog

My daughter Josie desperately wants a dog. She reminds me almost daily how many months, weeks and days it is until her next birthday- because that's all she wants. (we are at 1 month and 4 days now) We don't have a dog or pet of any kind because we are such a busy family- we are never home. I'm at work and they are at school, then there's extra activities with church, piano practice and cheerleading. But it really is getting to me how often she asks for a dog. I feel guilty- like I am depriving her from having a pet. (Not just me depriving her- dad is in total agreement on the dog issue) One thing that got me was- she got a DS game for christmas with a game that lets you have a pet- Nintendogs is what it's called. She plays with this pretend dog everyday. Bless her heart. I really am troubled. I think we need to get a dog.
The picture is Jordan, Josie and doggy cousin Maggie. Uncle Jake brought Maggie to Easter dinner. Josie wouldn't come in to eat because she wanted to be with Maggie. Yeah- we need a dog.

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