Thursday, September 4, 2008


Last night was historic. It was brilliant. I am so proud to be an American- a Republican- and a woman. Sarah Palin gives such a spark to the Republican ticket. She is real. She is genuine. She is confident- and I am so proud of her.
I was not.... thrilled with McCain before this pick. I felt unsure- couldn't get a hold of what he said or stood for. With this choice for Vice President- I have renewed excitement for my party affiliation. I am Republican to the core- I love my country and am Patriotic to a ridiculous degree. I believe in a strong work ethic- which this country lacks greatly. I have much- because I have WORKED HARD to get it. And that is what our country stands for to me. That is what this country stands for to people all across the world who so desperately want to come here- the opportunity to work hard- and be something.
Sarah Palin has given us something to be proud of. Is not her family a symbol of what America is? A hard working family- a military son, her baby that will have some struggles in life, her teen daughter who is pregnant- but is keeping the baby and marrying the father- that is what America is. Some have tried to make a huge deal about the issue with her daughter- and it is so hypocritical. We embrace the celebs who go through this- we watch the movies that glorify it (Juno) but when its a Republican candidates daughter- 'oh the horror'- 'oh how could she'?? Please. It has happened- and I am so proud of the way they are handling it. What a statement they made in having the soon to be son-in-law up there with the family- because he is part of the family. I loved it.
Hearing John McCains story last night truly affected me. To think of what he went through- for our country- he really is an American hero. Yes- he is monotone when he speaks- he looks weird- but do we not understand why now? I don't care about that now. I understand why he is monotone- I now understand why he looks weird..... and I thank you- John McCain- for fighting for my country. Thank you for fighting for me; for MY freedoms and my rights. Yes- you are the one I want in the office of the President- you have my vote- and I am truly excited to cast that ballot!!

So- I had a very interesting oppurtunity last night. Gary Tuckman from CNN set up a panel of 7 here at my office to watch the speech and dialouge it before and after. (I work at and attend an AG church here in Northwest Florida) Of the seven- we all were Republican- 6 of us wanted Huckabee as our Presidential candidate at the start- 1 had always been for McCain (and he was a veteran) It was very interesting to hear diffrent views between Republicans- but we all ended up excited about the choice we have now. You can see our interview this Friday night from 9 to 10pm central on CNN.

God Bless America.

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