Thursday, July 3, 2008

The new kitties!!

Ok- so I shared how Josie wanted a dog so badly...... well for so many reasons that just wasn't something we can do right now. (mainly because we are gone all day) so we found out about these kitties and one thing lead to another ...... and we brought them home last night. Now- this is huge for me because, as you know, I am NOT an animal lover. But these are ok. I am holding them in the picture because they really are scared and don't want the girls to hold them yet. Josie cried because she wants them to love her RIGHT NOW!!! I told her to give them time- they will come around. I prayed really hard last night that God would help the kitties "come around" quickly- because Josie wants to hold them!!
The girl is Maddie (white and orange) and the boy is Rusty (all orange) I think they are going to do fine!

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